Richard Savage, 43, has suffered serious prejudices throughout his life about the way he looks. The graduate’s anxiety disorder worsened when a rude doctor branded him “retarded” and he claims he was told he was not offered a job because he was deemed “far too ugly”. He was so concerned about his appearance and frightened what people thought of him that he never left his house. Richard, who suffers from Moebius Syndrome a neurological disorder characterised by facial paralysis, was sexually abused by two teenage girls at school when he was just 11, which he claims sparked his agoraphobia. And, after years of failed psychiatric treatments and mental health support, the gay chef finally decided to do something about his social phobia after he was refused a job at the interview stage for being “far too ugly.” Incredibly, Richard’s life has changed after a single session with cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist David Kilmurry on Sunday July 5 in Coventry, West Mids.

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