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Is A Cure For Age-Related Illnesses On The Horizon?

What if there were a way to defeat Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in a single blow?
Researchers are trying to determine how aging happens on a cellular level.
According to Business Insider, they’re now developing therapies based on those findings.
The director of the National Institute of Aging’s division of aging biology says he’s optimistic.
Specifically, he’s enthused about two treatments for aging that are in the pipeline.

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“How Can I Cure My White Guilt?” Asks the New York Times… Well, Don’t Have Any!

Feeling guilty for your race is the ultimate stupidity: http://archive.li/XBlVj

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Rent a boyfriend for a day, cure for depressed girls; sexist, sleazy or simple? – Speak Out India

There is an app that lets you rent a boyfriend to cure depression. As absurd as that sounds, the app has been launched in Pune and Mumbai. Rent a boyfriend is the brain child of 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who claims he has created the app to cure depression. The app underlines the fact that there will be no private meetings or sexual relations between the parties. However, considering that the app’s website is flooded with images of shirtless men aged 22 to 25, its intentions do come into question.

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Baby girl who couldn’t smile cured by whipping cream

A baby girl who was left unable to SMILE after suffering 40 seizures a day has been cured by a miracle diet – of WHIPPING CREAM.

Olivia Browning, two, began suffering debilitating brain spasms dozens of times a day after undergoing surgery for a heart defect aged five months.

They stunted her development and the tot, who has Down’s Syndrome, lost the ability to smile and giggle – something mom Sandy Browning, 34, says broke her heart.

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Girl’s powerful argument against new ‘cure’ for ME

A 10-year-old girl with ME has vented her anger in a viral video at a new treatment which claims it can ‘cure’ her condition – with three days of ‘positive thinking’.

Brave Shannon Tiday has lived with debilitating of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for seven years and issued her own personal message on why suffers can’t simply think themselves better.

She suffers symptoms including crushing headaches, sensitivity to light, extreme fatigue, blackouts and disorientation known as ‘brain fog’.

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