‘Play to Cure: Genes in Space’ app, created by the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge. Volunteers helping to tackle cancer have analysed 1,000 cancer patients’ data as part of a GAME. The new app, created by the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge, called Play to Cure: Genes in Space sees players navigate a spacecraft. A player is given a segment of DNA from cancer cells and they map out the most dense parts. They fly through the dense parts of the chromosome in the spaceship by darting through circles. The circles mark out the highest and lowest markers of the DNA strand – and by flying through them a pattern of the DNA’s peaks and troughs emerges. These peaks and troughs can show up if a cancer cell has DNA that has been copied wrongly – either with parts of it missing or parts of it doubled. The data is sent back to scientists who identify any regular patterns in cancer patients’ DNA that is not usually seen in a healthy person.

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